We have been learning about how salvation and Jesus as a saviour is portrayed in art.  Firstly we researched art from the past and contemporary art.  Here are some of our favourites.
Shrove Tuesday
We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and learnt about why it is called Shrove Tuesday and why some Christians give up certain foods for Lent.
We have been learning about the importance of mosques to Muslims.  In order to do this we learnt about the process of prayer and the features of a mosque.  We also linked our activities to our topic 'Ancient Islamic Civilizations' and learnt about Baghdad, the rise and fall of the Islamic Empire and how the Islamic world became so advanced from their love of knowledge and the House of Wisdom.  We also learnt about the foods that were eaten in Ancient Islamic times as well as the food served at some mosques after prayer - we experimented with cooking our own in Forest School.  It was the wettest, windiest day of the year - but also the most fun day!! 
We have learnt about the meaning and the origin of the word incarnation.  We created images based on our understanding of what God might look like.  This is something we also have a go at in Year 2 so it interesting to see the difference! Here are some of our examples, interestingly almost everybody decided to draw 'God the Father' and a few drew 'God the Son'. We looked at images of God from artists around the World to see the different interpretations of God. We also discussed the characteristics of God and where we could find them in the Bible.  We learnt the words omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipresent.  
Good News
We learnt about how Christians believe that God speaks good news to people through the life of Jesus. 
We re-told the story of the paralysed man using Lego.  We discussed the characters and what was happening in the story and are now in the process of using our writing skills to re-write the story.  We will add some of our finished work when we have finished.