Foundation Subjects

During Spring term 2022 we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks and the Romans.
During Autumn term 2021-22 we will be learning all about the world. 
Our topic this term is . . . 
'Invaders and Settlers: Stone Age to Iron Age'
  Our topic this term is . . . 
 'A British History: WWII'
Our topic this term is . . . 
 'Location, Location, Location'
The children worked in groups to design and make Tudor houses. 
We have been learning about both poor and rich Tudor diets. We made a huge pan of Tudor pottage- it went down a treat with Class 3!
We had a Shakespeare forest school day. We made Tudor bread, played a game of archery and read Macbeth around the fire.
Tudor art!
We've had a  rocket crash on our school field! Don't worry Class 3 are going to solve the mystery.
We created our own solar system and planet artwork!
We had WW2 day where the children came to school dressed as evacuees. We evacuated the children to the countryside, where they learnt how to make potato and nettle soup. We also got creative and completed a range of WW2 crafts.
Class 3 completed their own WW2 homework projects, they have really got into this topic.
Stone Age
We made our own Stone Age tools!
We had our very own Stone Age Cave!
We came back to school to find a 'Creature Invasion!' The children have collected all the evidence and they are now investigating.
Around the World
Class 3 were lucky enough to see a WW2 Jeep for our topic! A big thank you to Norman and Rob Baker for organising this for us!
We made a curry!