This half term the theme is...
We have learnt about Strove Tuesday, lent and the true meaning of pancake day. We made pancakes- they were yummy! 
We have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have learnt a song, made dragon puppets, tasted Chinese food and learnt a dragon dance.
We have been learning about the 'Kingdom of God', we learnt what it meant to be a good king and we learnt the story 'Palm Sunday'. The children enjoyed making crowns and dressing up/role playing being a good king, like Jesus. 
We visited Christ Church to look at our Christmas Tree which was based on the hymn 'Little Donkey'. The children enjoyed singing the hymn to the mayor and we loved looking at all the community Christmas trees.
We have been learning about the Christmas Story. The children enjoyed acting out the story in our 'Stable' role play area, they also enjoyed completing other activities around the classroom, relating to the Christmas Story. 
Class 1 and 2 visited Christ Church, we had a tour of the church and we even got to ring the church bell. The children had lots of fun!
We enjoyed our Harvest Service with Reverend Bruce. We learnt about giving to people who are less fortunate and we brought in donations to send to the food bank. 
We learnt a Harvest song!
We have been learning about Harvest. We harvested blackberries from the garden and made jam. The children enjoyed eating the blackberry jam on toast- it was yummy! We also made pumpkin soup and read the 'Pumpkin Soup' story. 
We have learnt the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Parable of the Lost Coin. We created a display on the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the children drew their own pictures from the Parable of the Lost Coin. We learnt that God loves use like the shepherd loves all of his sheep, we are all precious to God.
We learnt about Discipleship. We learnt the story about the Sea of Galilee, we recreated the fishermen's boat and the children role played the characters. We learnt that the disciples were Jesus' special friends. They followed Jesus and they told people good news.
We learnt the Easter Story, learnt Easter hymns and had an Easter Church Service in class. We learnt about Jesus dying on the cross and we designed our own crosses. We also explored in our class Easter garden. 
We learnt the story of ‘The First Christmas’ and we created a Nativity Tableau. 
We have had lots of Christmas fun in Class 1. We enjoyed the Church Service with a Reverend Bruce via zoom, we also enjoyed watching Open the Book act out the Christmas story, whilst following the story using our books. We loved acting out the Christmas story in our stable role play area both inside and outside. Also, we enjoyed making lots of Christmas crafts and making our own reindeer food. 
We learnt about places where we belonged and discussed what it means to belong to something. We then looked at our local church and discussed how Christians belong to the church. We completed a virtual tour of our church and we made our own stained glass windows and drawings of churches. 
We learnt about the Hindu Festival Diwali. We created rangoli patterns in the garden using natural resources, we made Diwali cards, Diva lamps and designed mehandi patterns. 
We have learnt about Harvest. We harvested pumpkins out of the garden, we made pumpkin soup outside and the children enjoyed eating it. We learnt a song about a combine harvester and learnt that Harvest is a time where Christians thank God for all the good things He gives them. The children brought in food to send to the food bank and we talked about the value of sharing and giving to those who are not so fortunate.
We have been learning good news is an event that makes people feel happy, pleased and thankful.
We have been looking at fiction stories with a theme of good news. Then, we have looked at the Bible and the Parable of the Good Samaritan. We have learnt that a Good Samaritan is: kind, caring, helpful and a good friend.