Foundation Subjects

During science we have been investigating the effects of air and water resistance.  We have also been learning about pulleys, levers and gears  - we have created a k'Nex lever or gear to really understand how they work and how they can be improved upon.
Location, location, location!
Our first topic is a geography focus on the local area.  We are hoping to visit Tintwistle and Glossop so that we can sketch maps, graphs and plans of areas local to our school with the help of technology.   During our map work we will learn the 8 points of compass and how to use 6 figure grid references, symbols and keys. We will also recap the locations of counties in the UK and learn to identify various features including cities, towns, villages, hills, valleys, regions, coasts and rivers.  We will investigate the land use in the local area and how they have changed over time. 
We will add photos of us enjoying our topic and upload some of our work - keep an eye on this page!