Spring Term 23-24. January 2024
Happy New Year everybody. Our topic for Spring term is 'Once Upon A Time'. We will be busy exploring castles, Kings and Queens as well as learning all about dragons! As well as finding out all about the Battle of Hastings in 1066, we will also be learning all about fairy tales, lifecycles, living things and learning more about their habitats later on in the term. Our topic web explores this term's theme in more detail, so please take a look. 
January 2023
Happy New Year! I hope you had a super holiday and are ready to learn some ne things.  Our new topic is called 'Wild and Wonderful Creatures!'. The curriculum focus is science and we are going to become animal experts. have a look at our topic web below to see what we will be covering as part of this topic. 
September 2022
I hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are ready for some new,exciting learning! We will be having lots of fun with our new topic - Location, Location, Location!  We will be learning all about our local environment and the community we live in. Have a look at the topic web below to see what we will be getting up to! 
January 2022
Happy New Year!  We came back to school to find a mystery egg in our classroom! We think it could belong to a dragon so we have been reading lots of stories about them. So far we have created some beautiful dragon landscape paintings and added a moving part, written some beautiful descriptions and learnt a dragon song! 
This week we went for a walk around Tintwistle to spot the local landmarks.  
We found out that Tintwistle used to have lots of shops! 
We are learning all about space this term. We have already made a good start by investigating the mysterious crash landing on the field. We have made contact with the pilot of the spacecraft- an alien called Orson.  We will keep you posted as we find out more information about him...
We were inspired by Peter Thorpe and his space paintings. We have created our own versions
We worked together to find out about all the planets in our solar system.