Welcome to Class 4 and Class 5

Welcome to Class 4 and Class 5! 

The Class 4 and 5 Team:

Mrs Vitti - Mrs Vitti teaches Class 5 Literacy and Numeracy every morning as well as PSHE on Thursday afternoons.

Miss Crowe - Miss Crowe teaches Class 5 Topic, Science, French, Music, RE, Art, ICT and PE every afternoon except Thursday.

Mr Fielding - Mr Fielding teaches Class 4 all subjects.

Mrs Doyle - Mrs Doyle assists both teachers every day, takes the class swimming on Thursdays and takes groups out for interventions.

Throughout the children's time in Class 4 and Class 5 we will be supporting them on their journey to SATs, secondary school and independence as well as having great fun along the way! We hope the information below is helpful.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or pop in if you have any questions.


Literacy homework will be given out on a Thursday and will be due back the following Thursday. The homework will be a list of spellings which the children will need to learn.

Numeracy homework will be given out on a Thursday as well and will be due back the following Thursday. It will be an activity which your child can complete independently based on what we have been learning in school. An ongoing homework for Class 4 and Class 5 will be to learn their times tables -  these will be tested by their numeracy teacher.


Children are asked to bring their reading book and reading diary into class every day.  This is so that the teachers and teaching assistants can monitor the children’s reading. Children should be reading every day at home. Children are asked to fill in their own reading record and make comments on what they have read. We encourage parents to listen to their child read as often as possible. In Class 4 and Class 5, we encourage the children to tell us when they need to change their reading book and often get them to choose their own book. Every child will have a library book, this maybe their main reading book as well, that they can take home to read.


PE will be taught on a Wednesday so please make sure that their PE kits are in school. We will often be doing PE outside so please make sure that they have outdoor trousers and a jumper. PE kits can be left in school for the half term unless they need washing. It would be helpful if earrings were not worn on PE days.

Swimming: Class 5 (Year 6) will be swimming this year.

Swimming will be taught on a Thursday morning. Please make sure that your child brings a swimming costume (one piece for the girls and shorts above the knee for the boys) a towel, no spray deodorants, have their hair tied back and have their earrings removed.  

Toast: Toast can be purchased for 20p on a Friday morning.


 As your child is now in Class 4 or Class 5, they will be setting an example for the whole school. It is important that they;

  •          Arrive to school on  time.
  •          Are more independent in all things that they do.
  •          Wear the correct school uniform.
  •          Do not wear jewellery or make up and have long hair tied up.
  •          Take responsibility for their homework and bring it in on time.  
Please look at our 'Home School Agreement' this agreement helps ensure that teachers and parents work together to help pupils to achieve their best.
Please take the opportunity to look at Class 4's curriculum overview and topic web. They will give you an insight into what they will be covering this year.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call one of us before or after school or ask Sue in the office to book you an appointment.

Mrs Vitti & Miss Crowe

Home Learning Timetables
Please find the weekly home learning timetable below. You can also access this on Google Classroom.